$99 Enrollment Special 

$99 to start, $99 a month
$99  a month. Will be billed 30 days after sign up. (cancel at anytime)


1.  When entering your information below, please double check that you entered everything correctly.

2. You are REQUIRED to keep MONTHLY credit monitoring for us to access all 3 of your credit reports. The credit monitoring service that we use is Identity IQ and the cost is $21.99 a month. You will be prompted to sign-up during the enrollment process. We must be able to review your credit reports every 35-40 days, in order to update you with any changes, such as deletions/updates that have occurred. It is impossible for us to do our job without the credit monitoring. So, If you can not afford to pay $21.99 monthly charge for credit monitoring, please do not sign up for our services. If your credit monitoring  is cancelled during our program, we will cancel your account with us.


3. Please DO NOT enroll if you fall under any of the below categories: 


  • You have an active bankruptcy.  Dismissed/Discharged bankruptcies are OK.

  • You have all late payments and hard inquiries and no actual negative accounts. 

  • You are currently behind on paying your bills. 

  • You are looking for a quick fix. You must be willing to commit 6-9 months. (service time may vary)

  • You want us to do all the work. We must work together as a TEAM to be successful. 

4. Complete the below Enrollment Application to get started.